Jacques Lelut

Created by Jacques LELUT and J.C. ISARD A co-production of Friction/Enertrans. Jacques LELUT: 37 years old. Actor, animator, decorator and director. This all-round man dove into a new adventure in 1978; constructing stage settings out of waste. The 70 «NEFS» originated from this adventure, fragile and baroque. J.C. ISARD : 34 years old, director-decorator and in particular a genius handyman. His meeting with LELUT resulted in the manufacturing of decors, lighting and theatre setting by the «Nefs». NEF : Non identified object, signed by Jacques LELUT. Maybe one can consider it a sculpture but also as the baroque-style in science-fiction or a second life for our waste. «A world of tenderness, dreams and humour. Something between Dali and Moebius with a tad of Jérôme Bosh » — Sud-Ouest « Big Science-fiction, which brings a mixture of humour, poetry, tenderness and imagination. In short, a creation» — l’Humanité Dimanche «An infernal work, a parody on sophisticated futurism» — Nouvel Observateur Each exhibition is an opportunity for Jacques LELUT to immerse his images in a transformation which evolves according the principle of world creation; stardust that creates life by accident.