Jalmari Helander

Born in 1976 in the NOOORTH, more precisely in Finland, Jalmari Helander is a director and screenwriter of several short and feature films. Proud of his origins, his films always take place in his native country, in a mountainous, snowy and forest-y environment. He’s also keen of freewheeling interviews. An example? Sure: “The shooting days are physical because my films are on the move, usually somewhere up a horse’s ass”, he confided an unsuspecting interviewer. He has several passions, among which: traumatizing children. His Christmas flick RARE EXPORTS was a smashing success and won the Audience Award at the BIFFF. We strongly discourage showing it to your nephew though, or you end up blacklisted by the great bearded man himself for the rest of your life. Filmography: Fakiiri (2006), Rare Exports (2010), Big Game (2014), Sisu (2022).