Jean-Charles Fitoussi

In 1994, after studying architecture and philosophy, Jean Charles Fitoussi, admirer of Bresson, Straub and Oliveira, directs his first short film, Aura Eté. After works in Rome on his second film, D’ici Là, which is selected for the Festival of Locarno. Meanwhile, Fitoussi reviews films for La Lettre du Cinema and he is also assistant director for various long features: Du Jour au Lendemain (1997), Sicilia! (1999), Ouvriers, Paysans (2001) and Humiliés-Le Retour du Fils Prodigue (2003). Between 2000 and 2002, Fitoussi produces and directs his long first feature film, The Days I Don’t Exist, which wins many prizes at various festivals (Grand Prize at the Belfort Festival). Fitoussi is currently working on his second film, the Nephew of Frankenstein. In the meantime, he’ll introduce us to The Day I don’t Exist.