Jean-Philippe Benoit

JEAN-PHILIPPE BENOIT His funny work is nonetheless useful. His literally sensational toys match the prime products of all early cultures, the ones that were first discovered in archaeological digs: idols, dismantled effigies of old mechanical myths or symbols of primary passions, items; tools, recovered furniture or musical instruments with undefined scales; ornaments, sets of jewels for the body or armours, which presume a hardened skin and a dangerous, oxidant environment. There’s one common thing to all these toys: they don’t do for themselves. Although they can be admiring for the idol’s, tool’s, ornament’s inherent beauty, which is real; although their natural look can seduce, their true value lies in the way they work, whether they need the visitor’s involvement. WORKSHOP / Rue des mégissiers 23 / 1070 Brussels / Tel: (+32) 025221478


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