Jean-Pierre Berckmans

Trained at INSAS and with his end of studies’ short film “Les poupées parallèles” which granted him several awards in Belgium and abroad, JP. Berckmans is mostly known for shooting award-worthy music videos (winning the “Award Music Festival of Los Angeles 82” with “Some Guys Have All the Lucks” by Robert Palmer”) and directing “Dream Factory”. He also directed many TV shows and telefilms (receiving the Palme d’or at the Festival de la francophonie in Nice for the show “A suivre: les enfants de Dieu”) and feature films, including “La Chambre Rouge” (1972), “Isabelle devant le désir” (1975, winner of the Palme d’or at the Prix fémina du Cinéma) and, starring Joé Pinehro, “Les roses de Matmata” (1985)