Jef Bertels

I have drawn and painted with great passion all my life. Science fiction, and the fantastic genre in general, were welcome in my parental home, and therefore a natural source of inspiration. In 1985, I graduated as a graphic artist in Hasselt. In that period, I realised that I had no patience for illustration, comic strips or animated film. I could, on the other hand, work on one detailed drawing for a very long time without ever getting tired of it. Suggesting stories and evoking an adventurous atmosphere were more important than telling a plot, and a single image proved more than sufficient for this. Because of this, and through a meeting with painter Walter Boffé, I gradually began to consider a life as a free-lance artist, and I began to make oil paintings as well as drawings.   With the support of my wife (ceramist Marifey) I was able to work and exhibit freely for many years, until gradually a large enough audience of passionate admirers of my work developed, which has allowed me to live from my work for some time now.   Of course, as with any form of art, only a part of the audience will be captivated by what an artist presents. During many years of exhibitions and salons, in groups or individually, at home and abroad, I have always been able to meet enough people who were touched by the strange visions I evoke, so that I can consider my existence somewhat justified. For which I thank them.