Jorg Buttgereit

Jörg Buttgereit loves his fellow human, especially in small, bloody pieces. Jörg Buttgereit loves animals, especially those with foam on their razor-sharp teeth. Jörg Buttgereit loves movies, especially those with gallons of blood and heaps of rotting corpses. This notorious German filmmaker has a preference for poetic film titles such as Blutige Exzesse im Führerbunker (8 minutes of pure gore), Horror Heaven (the same, but 25 minutes), Jesus-der Film (especially the crucifixion scene of course!), Nekromantik 1 en 2, Der Todesking, Corpse Fucking Art, and Mein Papi (lovingly dedicated to his father). Besides films, he also makes music videos for his favourite bands (Shock Therapy, Fleischmann, Mutter, Die Krupps… ) At the occasion of the Gore-retrospective in Cinema Nova, gore master Jörg Buttgereit will present his masterpiece Nekromantik I.