Jorge Dorado

Jorge Dorado first started working in advertising and then as an assistant director for such illustrious creator as Baz Luhrmann (on MOULIN ROUGE), Pedro Almodóvar (BAD EDUCATION and TALK TO HER) and Guillermo del Toro (THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE). So you can say he learned the trade with the very best! As a solo director he’s been mostly active in the field of series (THE MINISTERY OF TIME, FERIA: THE SHINE OF DARKNESS and THE HEAD). And when Spain is a little picky about financing his project? No problemo, then he just goes looking for potential producers overseas and surprise, surprise: it turns out be easier to do so in Los Angeles! Jorge Dorado is the kind of director that doesn’t stop at anything and it pays off, with his series ending up on Netflix and HBO. This year he’s coming to the BIFFF to present his new thriller LOST & FOUND. Filmography: Mindscape (2013), El Ministerio Del Tiempo (2015-2020), Lost & Found (2022).