Kenan Görgün

Kenan Gorgun published his first book, L’enfer est à nous, with Quadrature Publishing and is awarded Belgian Best Short Stories Collection Writer in 2006. This debut is followed by Mémoires d’un cendrier sale ( poems – Maelstrom Ed. ), L’Ogre c‘est mon enfant and Alcool de Larmes ( Ed. Luce Wilquin ). Fosse Commune is published at Fayard ( finalist of the Prix Rossel 2007 ). His latest novel, Patriot Act, was published in the summer of 2009 by First Ed. For the theatre he wrote Extrait d’ordinaire, which was staged 40 times in 2008 at the Brussels Théâtre de Poche. As a screen writer, Kenan collaborated on 9 mm by Taylan Barman. Manchild, a script he developed with Elie Chouraqui, is about the encounter between an American prospector and an African soldier child. They’re now looking in the States for financing and actors. Kenan has started writing Sylvia, the script for Taylan Barman’s next film. He has also just finished his first film, Yadel, a family drama mixed with a ghost story.