Lance Henriksen

After a childhood travelling around the world, young Lance studied at the Actor’s Studio and began his career in Broadway in the 70’s. At that time, he got the opportunity to play in some films of Sidney Lumet ( Dog Day Afternoon and Network ). Truly a cult actor in the science-fiction genre ( Aliens, Alien³, Absolom 2022, The Terminator ), he also appears in various genres like westerns ( The Quick and the Dead, Appaloosa ), thrillers ( Color of Night ) or even animation movies ( Tarzan ). But, what’s most important, he gained success ( and 3 Golden Globes ) at the end of the 90’s through his famous part in Chris Carter’s cult series : Millenium. It is the very first time we have the honor to welcome Lance Henriksen, and believe us, we are very proud !