Laura Felpin

Born in Alsace (France), she took 12 years of German but only knows how to say two things in Goethe’s language: 1) “I didn’t do my homework” (Ich habe meine Hausaufgaben nicht gemacht) 2) “I have an inferiority complex” (Ich habe einen Minderwertigkeitskomplex). Laura Felpin first became a star on Instagram and YouTube with her parodies. At the same time, she also did dubbing on various films and series (PERCY JACKSON: THE SEA OF MONSTERS, THE MENTALIST, RINGS). She also featured as a comedian on TV (the popular French daily show Quotidien), on French radia and on stage with her show “ça passe”. She also played in LE FLAMBEAU : LES AVENTURIERS DE CHUPACABRA and had a cameo in ASTERIX AND OBÉLIX: THE MIDDLE KINGDOM. That same year, she also had a lead role in the zany comedy LES COMPLICES. Filmography: Le Flambeau: Les Aventuriers de Chupacabra (Series, 2022), LOL qui rit sort (2023), Asterix and Obelix: The Middle Kingdom (2023), Les Complices (2023).