Lionel Kopp

The French director-producer Lionel Kopp is a very busy man. After three successful short features – Myria (1981), Travelling Mort (1983) and La Pension (1986) – he founds Trois Lumières Productions in 1987. His company produces shorts such as Ce qui me meut (1988) by Cédric Klapisch (1988) and long features such as F.J. Ossang’s Le Trésor des Iles Chiennes (1989) & Dr. Chance (1996) (which you could both see at Cinema Nova last year) and Tragedie Burlesque by Goran Markovic (1994). Lionel Kopp will present us his first long feature film Mordbüro, a contemporary film noir starring Ornella Muti and Dominique Pinon.


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