Lucas Pastor

Lucas Pastor started by making off-beat humorous videos on YouTube in the early 2010’s. He was then a student of Fine Arts, where he distinguished himself in painting, sculpture and drawing. At the time, his passion for video was still new. But in the course of the following years it would completely take over his other activities. It led him in 2013 to the YouTube channel LE MONDE À L’ENVERS, where he made his first acclaimed appearance as an actor. He continued acting in short films, series (LA VIE DOUCE) and on YouTube, but also started honing his writing skills by collaborating on famous French YouTuber Cyprien’s animated comic book series ROGER ET LES HUMAINS. In 2020, he wrote 2 episodes for the series CALLS, created by his buddie Timothée Hochet, with whom he also co-wrote and co-directed STÉPHANE, his first feature film in 2022. Filmo: LE SUPER-HÉRO (short film, 2020), IMPIONCABLE (short film, 2020), CALLS (series, 2020), STÉPHANE (2022).