Lucien Ratio

Lucien Ratio has made a name for himself on Quebec’s theater stages, where he has performed in over 60 productions since graduating from the Drama Arts Conservatoire in 2005. He distinguished himself in ‘Le projet Laramie’ (Trident), ‘Le menteur’ (La Bordée), ‘Trainspotting’ (Prospero, winner of the Critics Prize), ‘Just In’ (Premier Acte) and ‘Antigone’ (Trident). On television, he has taken on several supporting roles for different shows. On the big screen, Lucien plays Boulianne in the feature film FEUILLES MORTES, co-directed by Edouard Tremblay. The two meet again in the feature film FARADOR, where the actor plays an important role: Guillaume/Gardakan. Filmo: CRACKÉ (series, 2016), FEUILLES MORTES (series, 2016), FARADOR (2023).