Maxime Chattam

Maxime Chattam is the author of La Trilogie du mal ( last part published in 2004 at Ed. Michel Lafon ). Since 2001, he publishes at least one novel every year. Among them, Le cinquième règne ( which won the Fantastic’Art Novel Award at the Gérardmer’s Festival ), Le sang du temps ( 2005, Ed. Michel Lafon ), the trilogy Autre-Monde ( last part published in 2010 at Ed. Albin Michel ) and last of all Le Requiem des Abysses ( 2011, Ed. Albin Michel ). Chattam has renewed the genre and breaks with the tradition of the French detective novel by using the characteristics of the American Thriller. He is par t of a new generation of French authors influenced by American culture ( novels, TV series, movies… ). Maxime Chattam is also a member of the artists’ collective La ligue de l’Imaginaire.