Michel Jasmin

Michel Jamsin Born in 1941, Michel Jamsin is a painter, sculptor and writer haunted by the strange, the cruel and the weird who studied at the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Mons. He is currently an art teacher at the Ecole supérieure des Arts plastiques et visuels de l’Etat in Mons. Some of his texts were written in the theater or on the radio, and his works of art are regularly showcased in Belgium and abroad. Studio: 50, rue des Carmes 7940 Brugelette “I love museums and fairground bazaars where wax figures, prehistoric skeletons, squeaky mummies, animal or human monstrosities can be found—whether molded or stuffed, macerated in alcohol or formalin. I love gold-glass sarcophagi where the embalmed body of a deceased bishop, dressed in his most luxurious chasubles and surrounded by skulls embedded with gems, is displayed in Italian churches. I love roaming in cemeteries where widows in white veils mourn on granite coffins, hidden behind flowers made of plastic, stone of enamel. Life and death intertwined in a frozen theatricality, truth and lies mixed together, the winning illusion.” M.J., 1985


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