Micheline Jacques

Micheline Jacques Born in Gand Studied at the Académie in Gand and at the Cambre in Brussels Has been working on the textile material (nylon) since 1972. She has many collective exhibitions in Brussels, Paris and London. While looking for a new, affordable material, she has discovered salvaged nylon stockings which she uses as a base for all of her works. Studio: 3, rue de l’Aurore — 1050 Brussels “They do not need references, but their petrified journey goes through the mummies of Egypt, the sorcerers and nomad Kings of Africa, the great forest of mineral legends, the Book of the Dead. They go down like rising trees, the impassive river of time: seven wise men whose names and origins cannot be guessed. We do not know which star they are following. They are inseparable yet each of them has been sewn in their loneliness…” Jean SIGRID


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