Minister of Youth Care

Does cinema arouse aggression ? The influence of cinema on values and behaviour. The Bifff is not only a film festival, it’s also keen on giving its spectators some food for thought. We’re fascinated by all kind of themes that have a connection with cinema and with the fantasy genre in particular. We like to devote our time to these matters, so that we can share our knowledge with our spectators. And this year we’re going to get serious ! During our previous edition, dozens of festival fans were questioned about their attitudes towards fiction films and the influence of violence in the audiovisual media on their lives. The results of this survey form the base of a colloquium that will be held on Wednesday 14 March. The seminar will be introduced by the announcement of the survey’s results. This is followed by debates and analyses from experts of the concerned sectors. Organised in panels, film professionals, social workers, representatives of the public authorities and psychologists will explain and defend their points of view. After each debate, the audience can participate in the discussion. The Bifff hopes to create some clarity in this much discussed but hardly researched subject. As organisers of an important film festival, we want to take up our responsibility and contribute to this fascinating theme. It will unfold as follows : The colloquium will be introduced by the chairman of this seminar, Henry Ingberg, and by the Ministers of Youth Care and Culture of the French Community of Belgium. The participants : • Christian Bontinckx : results of the survey • Serge Tisseron : “Does Television Induce Youngsters to Violence ?” • Doctor Laurent Servais : “Les quatre cent coups or How to Become a Juvenile Delinquent” • Bernard Petre : “The Influence of the Media on the Behaviour and the Values of Youngsters” “What’s the role of the audiovisual media in youth violence according to experts in the matter? ” • Carla Nagels (criminologist at the ULB) • Bernard Devos (Director of SOS Jeunes) • Roland Coenen (Director Le Tamaris) • Yves Lecarme (youth judge) • Patrick Zéoly (Institute Chomé Wijns) What do directors, producers and program makers think about audiovisual violence and its consequences on reality ? • Georges Jetter (responsible programme acquisitions RTBf) • Marc Didden (director) • Jaco Van Dormael (director) • Harry Cleven (director) Conclusions : Georges Delmote, Chairman of the Festival. Practical Information : • Place of the colloquium : Crowne Plaza Hotel rue Gineste 3 at 1000 Brussels • Date : Wednesday 14 March 2001, from 9 till 18h. • Access : free, on the condition of reservation ! • Paid meal, on the condition of reservation Information : Patricia Zubioli – Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Film Rue de la Comtesse de Flandre 8 – 1020 Brussels Tel : 02/201.17.13 – Fax : 02/201.14.69 email :


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