Nancy Allen

A ­policeman’s daugh­ter, Amer­i­can ­actress Nancy Allen (New York, 1950) was ­raised in Yon­kers, where she began danc­ing as a child. As a teen­ager, she mod­elled in Tv-com­mer­cials and was soon drawn to act­ing. She stud­ied at the High ­School for Per­form­ing Arts and made her debut in 1973 in The Last ­Detail. In 1979, she mar­ried Brian De Palma, the direc­tor of sev­eral of the films in which she ­starred, such as Car­rie (1976), ­Dressed to Kill (1980) and Blow Out (1980). They ­divorced in 1984, upon which Nancy Allen went on to ­become the spunk­ing lead­ing lady and sec­ond lead of the Amer­i­can ­screen. She ­starred in the Phil­a­del­phia Experi­ment (1984) and in the hor­ror-flick Pol­ter­geist III (1988). In 1987, she ­became the part­ner of that ­famous ­cyborg-police­man in Paul ­Verhoeven’s Rob­o­cop (1987), a part which she ­repeated in Rob­o­cop II (1990) and Rob­o­cop III (1993). Together with George Clooney, she will soon star in Steven Soderbergh’s next film, Out of Sight. Nancy Allen is a member of our international jury.