Olivier Rausin

Olivier Rausin is the executive producer, producer and co-producer of 12 short features, 8 documentaries and more than 30 feature films. Through his production company Climax films, he has participated in films such as Séraphine (Martin Provost), Mr. Nobody (Jaco Van Dormael), Maternelle (Philippe Blasband), Oscar et la dame Rose (Eric Emmanuel Schmitt), Les Emotifs Anonymes (Jean Pierre Ameris), Largo Winch (Jérome Salle), Violette (Martin Provost) and Angelique Marquise des Anges (Ariel Zeitoun). In 2012, together with Belga Films, he creates Belga Studios, which produces films in English for the international market. Four projects are currently under development and should emerge in 2015.