Patricia Mazuy

Patricia Mazuy is a director who worked alongside the famous Agnès Varda, while at the same time running the film club at the HEC (where she studied). Patricia Mazuy has a truly eclectic style. From traumatic thriller (SATURN BOWLING) to gritty black humor crime film (PAUL SANCHEZ IS BACK!) via teenage film (TRAVOLTA AND I) and grandiose historical fresco (SAINT-CYR) or popular science documentary on … cattle (OF BULL AND COWS). Patricia Mazuy is everywhere and can do everything. Acclaimed at festivals from Cannes to Angers, she has had her own retrospective of her work at the French Cinémathèque. Here she is with her best film for a masterclass that you should only miss if you have a bullet in your leg and your guts ripped open. Filmography: Peaux de vaches (1989), Travolta et moi (1993), Sport de Filles (2011), Rodin (2017), Bowling Saturne (2022).