Paule Herla

She was born in 1944 in Renaix. She studied building painting and sculpture at the Mons Academy of Arts. She was a founding member of the “Cuesmes 68” group and made wall paintings across Belgium with them. Since 1979, she has presented her sculptures via personal exhibitions and has participated in group demonstrations in Belgium and abroad. “A realist, an expressionist, in direct contact with nature which she studies with a sharp, stubborn and subjective eye, Paule HERLA flows her turbulent modelling in epoxy resins. It is a material with modern sensitivity which, unlike bronze and marble, is not attractive at first. It is a material which tells the truth, reveals the flaws of volume, and then requires an extra style, density and balance of expressivity. Paule HERLA sands it, paints it, treats its and mistreats it because of its specificity of ascetical plastic.” – Pauline ANDREA. WORKSHOP Rue de Houdain 17 7000 MONS


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