Pauline Duclaud-Lacoste

Pauline Duclaud Lacoste attended her fi rst BIFFF in 1996. Back then, she was only 12, when her aunt and her greataunt came to attribute the Méliès Award. Today, at 28 years old, the great-granddaughter of George Méliès tries to blow the dust off her illustrious ancestor and make him more accessible to a popular audience. Many international projects ( plays, live cinema performances, fi lms, books, exhibitions… ) are created nowadays around Méliès, highlighting his work and his mind: inventive, light, fantastical and poetic. Pauline Duclaud Lacoste wants to smooth access to information, build relationships and support movie projects around Georges Méliès through a website ( – under construction ). Recently, she also set up the “Children of Georges Méliès” association. Martin Scorsese once said: “It all comes down to Méliès’”. Nothing is more true today for those who feel a creative affi liation, affection and an emotion for the man who fi rst realized that fi lm industry could be an art. Born in France, Pauline has lived in Belgium for 20 years now and works in the production of cultural and audiovisual projects.