Riton Liebman

Riton Liebman, a native of Brussels, first got noticed when he was cast in Bertrand Blier’s Préparez vos mouchoirs in 1978. This makes the 17-year old leave Brussels for Paris, where a love story develops between him and French cinema. He’ll feature in the films of Yves Boisset, Aldo Maccione and Jacques Deray, while also playing in plays and television. His career counts more than 50 movies, including Peut-être by Cédric Klapisch, Mortel Transfert by Jean-Jacques Beineix, L’Homme du Train by Patrice Leconte and Polisse by Maïwenn). Liebman add one more string to his already impressive bow: directing with Je suis supporter du Standard in 2013. FILMO : Préparez vos