Santiago Segura

We became familiar with actor-director Santiago Segura through the movies of Alex de la Iglesia. He first appeared in de la Iglesia’s Accion Mutante. He went on to play a satanic heavy metal freak in El Dia de la Bestia and was Shorty Dee in Perdita Durango. For our closing movie, Dying of Laughter, he incarnates the celebrated comedian Nino. Between the projects of Alex de la Iglesia, Santiago Segura excells in films as Todo es mentira, Sexo Oral, Solo se muere dos veces, Killer Barbies and, this year also on the program, La mujer mas fea del mundo. He also directed some frightening shorts (Evilio, Perturbado, El purificador) and a long feature film, the deranged comedy Torrente, The Stupid Arm of the Law.