Serg Dupire

Young Canadian actor Serge Dupire is already a veteran of more than forty cinematic and theatrical productions. He made his debut in 1978 in Jean-Claude Lord’s Eclair au chocolat. In the following years he appeared in films such as Le Crime d’Ovide Plouffe (Denis Arcand, 1983), La Femme de l’hôtel (Lea Pool, 1983), L’Ile (François Leterrier, 1986), Chasse gardée (Jean-Claude Biette, 1988), Lapse of Memory (Patrick de Wolf, 1991), L’Automne sauvage (Gabriel Pelletier, 1991) and Louis, enfant-roi (Roger Planchon, 1992). Film noir roles seemed to fit Serge Dupire like a glove. That’s why screenwriter Benoit Dutrizac and director Michel Poulette picked him for the lead in their stylish film noir thriller The Haven, which he will present to us together with director Michel Poulette.


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