Sogo Ishii

The influence of the Japanese enfant terrible Sogo Ishii (Fukuoka, 1957°) on the development of contemporary Japanese Cinema is incontestable. In the late 70ties, he was the first to make the move from underground amateur filmmaking to the professional industry, paving the way for followers as diverse as Shinya Tsukamoto, Kiyoshi Kurosawa and Makoto Shinozaki. He’s widely renowned for his editing skills, his punk-rock sagas and the depiction of raw human chaos. 1984 is Ishii’s breakthrough with Crazy Family. From that moment on, he’s awarded everywhere in the world with features such as Angel Dust, Labyrinth of Dreams, Gojoe and the hyperkinetic Electric Dragon 80.000 V. Ishii is currently finishing his latest film, Kyoshin.