Sport Doen

We are fond of visual violence, but every once in a while our ears also crave for some musical madness. Sport Doen is a Belgian heavy rock band with 15 years of experience in making your head bang and torturing your body in the mosh pit. After hearing one song, you’ll be thrown back to your punk and metal years with a cheap pils in one hand and making the sign of the beast with the other! They just released their second album “The Wound” and are ready to play it live in front of our audience. Just like our movies, they can be ruff, dirty, violent and sometime extreme. That’s why we are putting them as the opener of our after party for the first day. “Sport doen” is Dutch for doing sports, and be warned, because after enjoying the concert you’ll be as sweaty as if you ran half a marathon. Keep some energy for the rest of the festival!