Steve De Roover

De Roover has been a movie critic for a wide array of written and online publications, including DVD Info, Moviegids, Moviepulp, Friday The 13th Films, Publicity Magazine, Hidden Horror, and Schokkend Nieuws. In 2013, he produced and directed the short vampire film UN HOMME BIEN, which garnered attention in the international film festival circuit. His feature horror documentary FORGOTTEN SCARES: AN IN-DEPTH LOOK AT FLEMISH HORROR CINEMA has been picked up by various distributors. Steve just shot his segment Family Matters for the German horror anthology feature DEATHCEMBER and is currently working on the FORGOTTEN SCARES follow-up SURREALISTIC NIGHTMARES with SPIT’N’SPLIT’s Jérôme Vandewattyne as codirector. This second documentary will dig deeper into the Walloon horror legacy. Guillermo del Toro, himself a big fan of C’EST ARRIVÉ PRÈS DE CHEZ VOUS, will be one of the many interviewees.