Timothée Hochet

In 2009, at the age of 14, Timothée Hochet began posting videos on Dailymotion. He gained recognition for his comic YouTube videos in 2011. He attempted to go for a Performing Arts Bachelor, but dropped out of college to join Studio Bagel as a trainee in 2015. There he met Vanessa Brias, who has been his professional partner-in-crime ever since. He wrote and directed several short films for Studio Bagel as well as for the famous French YouTuber Cyprien. In 2016, he released the short film CALLS on his YouTube channel, which opened the doors to the Original Creation section of CANAL+. This led to a TV-series adaptation of CALLS with a prestigious cast. In 2018, Apple U.S. announced the American adaptation with StudioCanal; the first European series for the US streaming giant. The American version was launched in March 2021. That year he also set out with his buddie Lucas Pastor to create his first feature, made entirely in guerilla style. The result, STÉPHANE, will be screened at the BIFFF 2023! Filmo: SNAP (short film, 2015), CALLS (short film, 2016), CALLS (series, 2017-2020), LA SCIENCE DE L’AMOUR (short film, 2018), CALLS U.S. (series, 2021), STÉPHANE (2022).