Tom Novembre

Tom Novembre’s (°Nancy, 1959) career starts in theatre with Deux Hamburgers pour le Quatre (1978), followed by plays he writes together with his brother Charlélie Couture. Still at the theatre, he acts in the musical comedys by Luc Plamandon and Michel Berger : La légende de Jimmy (1990). In the meantime, Novembre has recorded three records : Version pour doublage, Toilé Cirée and L’Insecte, and he starts to work as a film actor. He plays roles in films by Mocky (Agent Trouble, Ville à Vendre), Bertolucci (The Sheltering Sky) and Altman (Prêt-à-porter). His Buster Keaton appearance provides him roles in three films by Jean-Philippe Toussaint: Monsieur, La Sévillane and La Patinoire. At the Bifff, we already saw Novembre in An American Werewolf in Paris and in Denti. At the moment, he‘s the imperturbable pallbearer in the series Soyez Prudents on Canal +.