William Lebghil

William is the guy who is so extremely nice that he takes himself even less seriously than a Belgian. He was noticed by the general public as Kev Adams’ partner in the series SODA. After having made a series of low-brow comedies (LES MYTHOS, THE NEW ADVENTURES OF ALADDIN), he obtains more and more roles in zanier, more off-beat comedies. Such as YVES, in which he plays an obscure rapper who gets famous thanks to… an intelligent fridge! He also doesn’t shy away from roles in auteur films such as PREMIÈRE ANNÉE. He who as a child wanted to become a fighter pilot as a grown-up, has finally got pretty close to the top. Filmography: Jacky au royaume des filles (2013), Les Nouvelles aventures d’Aladin (2015), Le Sens de la fête (2017), Première Année (2018), Yves (2019), Les Complices (2023).