Zahra Benasri

Zahra Benasri (Liège°) studied European Politics in the Netherlands. After graduating, she decided to focus on what she was always passionate about: film. She gained experience at film festivals, in marketing, in international sales and in production. She directed two self-produced short films, LA PETITE HONTE and PENDANT 12 ANS, JE SUIS NEE LE 6 MAI, a documentary that was screened at several international festivals. While distributing her films herself, she discovered that filmmakers of self-produced works did not receive support in distributing their productions. In 2023, she founded Hors du bocal, an international sales and distribution company for short films with a focus on self-produced films seeking to raise the profile of films with low visibility. At the same time, she is working on a new film as a director.


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