Guido Buzzelli

His personal work, largely translated and published in France, is a splendid and moving demonstration of how relevant «the aesthetics of ugliness» are. His stories are formally very close to Goya’s monsters and, like Leopold von Sacher- Masoch, Guido Buzzelli often plays the leading role in them.

Claude Renard

Claude Renard was an apprentice of Eddy Paape, for whom he first worked as an assistant and then as his replacement. He led the R-Workshop (comic strip) from 1972 to 1984 and the magazine Le Neuvième Rêve from 1977 on. He contributed to the discovery of Schuiten, Andreas, Berthet, Cossu, Sokal, Swolfs… and in 1983,… Continue reading Claude Renard

David P.

David P. is a busybody who, in order to tirelessly create his paintings, sometimes dips his pen in blood red, sometimes in the darkest black. Each of his works opens the door to a parallel world or a different dimension, populated with teasing little monsters, demonic creatures, and treacherously erotic nymphs. Since he suffers from… Continue reading David P.