Jean-Claude Dreyfus

Jean-Claude Dreyfus became known with his part as the butcher of a small community of post-apocalyptic cannibals in Jeunet and Caro’s acclaimed movie Delicatessen. The gifted duo also gave him the part of Marcelo in their next film La cité des enfants perdus. But Jean-Claude Dreyfus is also a familiar face in the films of… Continue reading Jean-Claude Dreyfus

Jonathan Frakes

It was love at first sight between Star Trek and Jonathan Frakes. Ever since he started playing Commander Will Riker, the first officer on the Enterprise, he has left his mark on the Star Trek universe. He not only stars in Star Trek: Insurrection, but was also responsible for directing the movie. A job he… Continue reading Jonathan Frakes

Tom Conti

Tom Conti (Scot­land, 1941) is the dark, brood­ing, small-­framed lead­ing man of British and Amer­i­can stage, TV and films. He was ­trained as a clas­si­cal pia­nist at the ­Glasgow’s Royal Scot­tish Acad­emy of Music. Later he took up act­ing at the Glas­gow Col­lege of Drama. He made his debut on the sil­ver ­screen in 1975… Continue reading Tom Conti