Guillermo del Toro

He’s the man of the moment. The Shape of Water won 4 of those mythical statues, including Best Movie and Best Director. That makes The Shape of Water the first “monster movie” that gets bestowed with this honor and that also makes Guillermo del Toro a member of the club of Mexican Oscar winners that… Continue reading Guillermo del Toro

Guillaume Musso

With the sunny climate of Antibes, you should be crazy not to spend your days outdoors, but 10-year old Guillaume Musso preferred to stay inside his mum’s public library. That is where the seed of literature took hķold. Twenty years later, after an economics degree and, especially, a serious accident, the seed blooms when he… Continue reading Guillaume Musso

Franck Thilliez

Writing is a passion. You might try to make it your hobby, as young engineer Franck Thilliez first did, but true talent can not be held back. He proved this first with his second novel, Train d’Enfer pour Ange Rouge, selected for the SNCF Thriller Award 2004, and then with his hit novel, The Death… Continue reading Franck Thilliez

Patrick Raynal

Patrick Raynal gets hooked on literature by plundering his mother’s bookcase. Combined with his passion for traveling, this quickly gives results. He was first a crime novel critic before publishing his debut novel, Un Tueur dans les arbres, in 1982. This is followed by one hit after another (La Clef de 16, Fenêtre sur Femme… Continue reading Patrick Raynal

Tonino Benacquista

After dropping out of film school, Tonino Benacquista strings up some improbable jobs and occupations: night train ticket conductor, poster sticker, high society parasite and pizza delivery guy. These experiences feed his imagination and inspire his first crime fiction. Saga, published in 1997, is his first big bestseller. It’s only natural that, with his visual… Continue reading Tonino Benacquista

Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Director of Amelie and The City of Lost Children was at the BIFFF, Brussels International Film Festival to give a masterclass. He talked to the audience about how he started to make movie at the age of 9 and about his experiences as director in France and in the US during the making of Alien 4, Resurrection.

Everybody knows the unique universe of Jean-Pierre Jeunet. The man is a true master of lyrical and dreamlike storytelling, having delighted us with pearls such as Delicatessen, The City of Lost Children or Amélie. Even his excursion to Hollywood with Alien Resurrection did not affect his artistic integrity. And the public and critical acclaim of… Continue reading Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Manu Dacosse

At the age of 16 Manu Dacosse received his first camera. He has never stopped since. From making short films with his friends, he goes professional with studies at the IAD. Traveling brought him to Lebanon, where he learned to be an assistant cameraman. After some short movies he became DOP for his first feature… Continue reading Manu Dacosse

Craig Viveiros

Craig Viveiros began his career by working his way up through the camera and electrical department. He was commissioned by Channel 4 to direct a short feature. The result, Back to Back, was selected by the Barbican to screen for one month during their Stanley Kubrick season. His short film Vengeance was shot in the… Continue reading Craig Viveiros