Hannah Barlow

Hannah Barlow is an actor, filmmaker and visual artist from Sydney, Australia. After graduating from the prestigious National Institute of Dramatic Art, Hannah was selected as a finalist for the Heath Ledger Scholarship. After relocating to Los Angeles, she starred in Warner Bros’ anthology series Two Sentence Horror Stories. Her episode, ‘Guilt Trip’, featured at… Continue reading Hannah Barlow

Kane Sens

Kane Senes is an award-winning filmmaker from Sydney, Australia. His 2009 short film Forfeit of Grace led to a nomination for Best Young Australian Filmmaker at the Byron Bay International Film Festival. In 2010, with A Relative Stranger, Kane won Best Short Film at multiple film festivals. At 27 years old, Kane co-wrote, produced and… Continue reading Kane Sens

Hans Herbots

In 2001, Hans Herbots directed his first feature film, FALLING, based on the book “Vallen” by Anne Provoost, with Alice Krige and Jill Clayburgh in the main roles. In 2010, he directed HET GODDELIJKE MONSTER, a ten-part drama series for Flemish public television Eén, based on the trilogy of the same name by Tom Lanoye.… Continue reading Hans Herbots

Nathan Frankowski

Canadian born Nathan Frankowski is an award-winning film director who got his start in documentaries where he traveled to over thirty countries. Frankowski’s directing credits for narrative features include Sony Pictures’ To Write Love on Her Arms (Kat Dennings, Rupert Friend, Chad Michael Murray). Top critic Roger Moore exclaims “Harrowing, fanciful and beautifully filmed bio-drama…… Continue reading Nathan Frankowski

Vanya Peirani-Vignes

Vanya Peirani-Vignes always loved to watch movies and tell stories. He decided to transform his passion for narration into a career when he became the assistant of Claude Lelouch for 10 years. Since then, he filmed many campaigns of the ecologist activist association Sea Sheperd, founded a society specialized in shooting videos from the sky… Continue reading Vanya Peirani-Vignes

Liang Hsun Huang

A fifth-generation successor to PILI Glove Puppetry (Budaixi), Liang Hsun Huang is currently the general manager of PILI International Multimedia, which has overseen a number of films, including THE ARTI: THE ADVENTURE BEGINS (BIFFF 2016), DEMIGOD: THE LEGEND BEGINS – part of our 2022 program – as well as the animated series THUNDERBOLT FANTASY.

Fred De Loof

FRED DE LOOF is a Belgian actor, director and screenwriter. Being Belgian, he drinks beer, eats fries and chocolate, but not all at once. When he’s not writing his biography, he directs and plays in some truly incredible movies, clips and series such as BARAKI, LES PIGEONS ÇA CHIE PARTOUT, THE GLORIOUS PEANUT, AAAAHHH (which… Continue reading Fred De Loof