Timothée Hochet

In 2009, at the age of 14, Timothée Hochet began posting videos on Dailymotion. He gained recognition for his comic YouTube videos in 2011. He attempted to go for a Performing Arts Bachelor, but dropped out of college to join Studio Bagel as a trainee in 2015. There he met Vanessa Brias, who has been… Continue reading Timothée Hochet

Jorge Dorado

Jorge Dorado first started working in advertising and then as an assistant director for such illustrious creator as Baz Luhrmann (on MOULIN ROUGE), Pedro Almodóvar (BAD EDUCATION and TALK TO HER) and Guillermo del Toro (THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE). So you can say he learned the trade with the very best! As a solo director he’s… Continue reading Jorge Dorado

Alvaro Morte

Álvaro Morte, 47 years old, became known in his native country, Spain, by playing in several television series such as AMAR ES PARA SIEMPRE and EL SECRETO DE PUENTE VIEJO. However, it is with a completely different role that his career sky-rocketed. In 2017, he became “The Professor” in the world-famous Netflix series MONEY HEIST.… Continue reading Alvaro Morte

Young-seok Noh

Filmo: Mirage (2018), The Wheel of Time (2021), La Casa De Papel (2017-2021), Lost & Found (2022).

Hong-seon Kim

South Korean director Hong-seon Kim comes to the BIFFF with his new film PROJECT WOLF HUNTING. He studied Film and Audiovisual Studies at the Tisch School of the Arts in New York, after which he began working as an assistant director on Korean television series. In 2012, he debuted as a director, co-producer and co-screenwriter… Continue reading Hong-seon Kim

François Damiens

With a Flemish grandfather and a Walloon grandfather François Damiens is definitely a pure Belgian product. Possibly you’ve never heard his name before, but know that in the French-speaking part of Belgium and in France he’s something of a deity, a half-god that descended from the Olympus to grace us with his roles in big… Continue reading François Damiens

William Lebghil

William is the guy who is so extremely nice that he takes himself even less seriously than a Belgian. He was noticed by the general public as Kev Adams’ partner in the series SODA. After having made a series of low-brow comedies (LES MYTHOS, THE NEW ADVENTURES OF ALADDIN), he obtains more and more roles… Continue reading William Lebghil

Laura Felpin

Born in Alsace (France), she took 12 years of German but only knows how to say two things in Goethe’s language: 1) “I didn’t do my homework” (Ich habe meine Hausaufgaben nicht gemacht) 2) “I have an inferiority complex” (Ich habe einen Minderwertigkeitskomplex). Laura Felpin first became a star on Instagram and YouTube with her… Continue reading Laura Felpin

Cécilia Rouaud

As the daughter of a documentary filmmaker and the sister of an editor, Cécilia fell into the world cinema at the early age of twelve. It was at this age that she played in LA FRACTURE DU MYOCARDE (1989), a unique experience that reinforced her desire to… get behind the camera! After a French university… Continue reading Cécilia Rouaud