Benoit Drouin Germain

Since graduating, actor Benoit Drouin-Germain has enjoyed an enviable career in theater for over 15 years. He is known for his outstanding roles in ‘Yellow Moon’ (La Licorne), ‘Contre le temps’ (CTD’A), ‘Tribus’ (La Licorne), ‘Caligula’ (TNM), ‘Hurlevents’ (Denise-Pelletier) and ‘Lignes de fuite’ (CTD’A). On television, the actor has been playing a series of leading… Continue reading Benoit Drouin Germain

Gustavo Hernández Ibañez

Gustavo Hernández Ibañez was born on February 21, 1973 in Uruguay. He is best known for the horror film THE SILENT HOUSE (2009), which won numerous international film awards. The film quickly became a cult flick in the eyes of the public and international critics. So much so that it was the first Uruguayan film… Continue reading Gustavo Hernández Ibañez

Edouard Albernhe Tremblay

After taking his first steps as a director for commercials and the series TOM ET SES CHUMS, Edouard Albernhe Tremblay comes to Brussels from Canada with his feature film debut FARADOR. It’s the adaptation of one of the episodes of his aforementioned series and is set in an epic universe of stories and legends. After… Continue reading Edouard Albernhe Tremblay

Lucien Ratio

Lucien Ratio has made a name for himself on Quebec’s theater stages, where he has performed in over 60 productions since graduating from the Drama Arts Conservatoire in 2005. He distinguished himself in ‘Le projet Laramie’ (Trident), ‘Le menteur’ (La Bordée), ‘Trainspotting’ (Prospero, winner of the Critics Prize), ‘Just In’ (Premier Acte) and ‘Antigone’ (Trident).… Continue reading Lucien Ratio

Dong-hee Park

Korean director Dong-Hee Park comes to the BIFFF this year to present us his first feature. This is what he has to say about it: “Here we are in an ordinary place, but where humans are not allowed. In this place the film begins. In this place, desires cause pain, screams, tears and sweat, and… Continue reading Dong-hee Park

Lee Cronin

In 2013 Irish screenwriter-director Lee Cronin won the Silver Raven for Best European Fantastic Short with GHOST TRAIN. THE HOLE IN THE GROUND, his first feature, was promptly selected for the prestigious Sundance Festival. For this nerve-shattering mix of horror and psychodrama, he went fishing in the same pond as THE OMEN, THE SHINING, and… Continue reading Lee Cronin