Sergio Stivaletti

In 1982, Sergio Stivaletti makes his first steps in the world of film by providing the “stop motion” effects for Assassino Al Cimitero Etrusco by Sergio Martino. One year later, he starts his long association with Dario Argento as responsible for the make-up and optic FX for Phenomena. In 1985, his activities bring him on… Continue reading Sergio Stivaletti

Anthony Waller

British director Anthony Waller (Beirut, 1959) entered Britain’s National Film School in 1978 as their youngest ever student. In 1981 John Schlesinger awarded him the Shakespeare Scholarship, enabling him to spend a year at film school in Germany. In the early eightees, Waller worked in Germany as editor on commercials, pop promos and features. He… Continue reading Anthony Waller

Russell Mulcahy

Australian director Russell Mulcahy (°1953) learned the tricks of the trade by making videoclips. His work for bands like AC/DC and Air Supply brought him to England, where he made the first modern videoclip: Ultravox’ Vienna. Other artists like Elton John, Rod Stewart and Duran Duran also used his services. In 1984, Mulcahy got the… Continue reading Russell Mulcahy

Santiago Segura

We became familiar with actor-director Santiago Segura through the movies of Alex de la Iglesia. He first appeared in de la Iglesia’s Accion Mutante. He went on to play a satanic heavy metal freak in El Dia de la Bestia and was Shorty Dee in Perdita Durango. For our closing movie, Dying of Laughter, he… Continue reading Santiago Segura

Michel Poulette

Cana­dian direc­tor ­Michel Pou­lette was work­ing with Radio-­Québec, when he met a group of irrev­er­ent ­screen writ­ers, who would later ­become the com­edy group Rock et ­Belles ­Oreilles. From 1985 until 1988, he ­became the pro­ducer for their tele­vi­sion ­series. To him, it was “just like shoot­ing in a movie stu­dio. Half the time I… Continue reading Michel Poulette

François-Jacques Ossang

In 1976, F.J. Ossang (France, 1956), started to occupy himself with writing, the creation of “noise ‘n roll” and the making of movies. In 1980, together with Jack Belsen, he founded the band Messagero Killer Boy. Up till now they’ve released nine albums and have composed the musical score for Ossang’s movies. Besides making music,… Continue reading François-Jacques Ossang

Wieslaw Saniewski

Polish director, screenwriter and producer Wieslaw Saniewski (Wroclaw, 1948) studied mathematics at the University of Wroclaw and followed screenwriting at the Film School of Lodz. At first he worked as a journalist and a film critic. By writing screenplays and books about cinema and by working as an assistant for famous directors like Andrzej Wadja,… Continue reading Wieslaw Saniewski

Martin Hansen

From 1982 till 1988, Ger­man film­maker Mar­tin Han­sen (Kiel, 1960) stud­ied pho­tog­ra­phy and film in Braunsch­weig. In 1985, ­together with ­Thomas Bar­tels, he ­founded the pro­duc­tion house KARO Film. ­Besides making his own films, he also works as an edi­tor or as a cam­e­ra­man for other ­people’s pro­jects. His work ­includes experi­men­tal ­shorts like Spin… Continue reading Martin Hansen

David Jazay

German director David Jazay (Munich, 1966) studied at the Munich Film School. In 1989 he made the black & white documentary Bargaintown, about life on the quays of the river the Liffey in Dublin. The following year he directed his first short, The Beautiful Suit, an adaptation of a story by H.G. Wells. After having… Continue reading David Jazay