Patrick Quinet

After studying directing at the INSAS ( 1987-1991 ), Patrick Quinet began working as an assistant stage manager, production manager and first assistant director. In 1992, he founded Artemis Media, which became Artemis Productions two years later. Since 2001, Patrick Quinet is chairman of the Union of French Film Producers ( UPFF ). In this… Continue reading Patrick Quinet

Lewis Gilbert

Lewis Gil­bert began his ­career in the film world as a child actor, but he ­learned the ­tricks of the trade as ­Hitchcock’s assist­ant direc­tor. In 1944, Gil­bert ­started work­ing at the Gau­mont Brit­ish Instruc­tional Film Unit, where he made short films. He ­became known by direct­ing patri­otic war ­movies like Reach for the sky… Continue reading Lewis Gilbert

Robert Englund

Born in Hollywood, California in 1947, Robert Englund seemed destined for a career on the silver screen. But his first acting success was in the theatre. As a young man, he became known as a fine interpreter of Shakespeare’s clowns and starred in the hit musical Godspell. In the seventies, he made the transfer to… Continue reading Robert Englund

Robert Hossein

After some theatre plays of Sartre, Genet and Stevenson, the French actor-director, Robert Hossein (Paris, 1927) is spotted by the world of film. In 1953, he plays his first role in Quai Des Blondes directed by Cadeac. From that moment on, roles follow each other in quick succession. Robert Hossein plays in Le Repos Du… Continue reading Robert Hossein

George Sluizer

In 1971, Dutch director George Sluizer shot his first feature film in Brazil : Joao and the Knife. This was followed by Twice a Woman, starring Bibi Andersson and Anthony Perkins. He received international recognition in 1988 with the award-winning feature Spoorloos, which was the Dutch Oscar entry in 1989. Three years later he directed… Continue reading George Sluizer