Finotto School

School created by Jean-Pierre Finotto who collaborated with the Festival each year since 1986…

Magic Land Theater

Magical Land Theater was the first company to entertain the Festival location in 1983 : they never left the Festival since… 39 years of shows…

Charel Cambré

Carl (Charel) Cambré first enters the world of animation film and works on many TV series and a few features. But his heart lies with comics. He collaborates on several series and starts his own nineteen-volume comic series, ‘Jump’, about the strange adventures of three cool friends. But he is perhaps best known for ‘Amoras’,… Continue reading Charel Cambré

David P.

David P. is a busybody who, in order to tirelessly create his paintings, sometimes dips his pen in blood red, sometimes in the darkest black. Each of his works opens the door to a parallel world or a different dimension, populated with teasing little monsters, demonic creatures, and treacherously erotic nymphs. Since he suffers from… Continue reading David P.

Alain Poncelet

BIFFF2016 - Bruxelles Bozar

As a freelance illustrator Alain Poncelet has been publishing collections of illustrations and graphic novels full of legendary and magical creatures for over ten years. He just loves putting the dark side of our human nature out in the open, painting its blackness, plunging into the nightmares, telling stories no-one is comfortable listening to, dipping his pen… Continue reading Alain Poncelet