Charel Cambré

Carl (Charel) Cambré first enters the world of animation film and works on many TV series and a few features. But his heart lies with comics. He collaborates on several series and starts his own nineteen-volume comic series, ‘Jump’, about the strange adventures of three cool friends. But he is perhaps best known for ‘Amoras’,… Continue reading Charel Cambré

Alain Poncelet

BIFFF2016 - Bruxelles Bozar

As a freelance illustrator Alain Poncelet has been publishing collections of illustrations and graphic novels full of legendary and magical creatures for over ten years. He just loves putting the dark side of our human nature out in the open, painting its blackness, plunging into the nightmares, telling stories no-one is comfortable listening to, dipping his pen… Continue reading Alain Poncelet

Julian Richards

His debut feature DARKLANDS won the 1997 Melies D’Argent for Best European Fantasy Film, sparking a revival in British horror films that continues to this day. In 2002 he directed the big budget conspiracy thriller SILENT CRY and used his fee from that film to fund THE LAST HORROR MOVIE, which won several awards including… Continue reading Julian Richards

Timo Vuorensola

With his one meter 98, this native of the country of a thousand lakes is part of a bunch of Finnish film makers that we dig at the BIFFF, such as A.J. Annila (Timo lent him a hand for SAUNA) and Jalmari Helander (RARE EXPORTS). Timo Vuorensola had a hell of a time with his… Continue reading Timo Vuorensola

Fabrice Lavollay

Exhibition Between dreams and nightmares The illustrations of Fabrice are an invitation for a journey through a bizarre and sombre universe, peopled by strange characters. He has developed a disturbing fantasy aesthetic wherein his creations mutate into impressionable matter. A broken puppet with a remarkably human anatomy, a man with a cracked stone skin, the… Continue reading Fabrice Lavollay

Gilles Demoortel

PLANET OF THE “SCREENS” A scenery designed by students from the evening class in Illustration & Comic-Strips at the Brussels Academy of Arts. The bar of the Festival of Fantasy Films is seen through the eyes of a zapping Big Brother. Hybrid screens come out of the walls, revealing to the public a cathodic vision… Continue reading Gilles Demoortel

Thomas Lesoeur

Thomas Lesoeur inherited a production company from his father and his uncle: Eurociné. He turned it into the undisputed Queen of French kitsch and camp. With more than 150 films, she represented France in genres that were rarely practised in the land of wine and bad smelling cheese: fantasy, erotic cop movies, cheap zombie flics,… Continue reading Thomas Lesoeur

Dick Maas

Dutch director Dick Maas has been a BIFFF-regular from the start. In 1985 he was a member of our international jury. He visited us again in 1996 as the very first supervisor of our legendary film students’ workshop and in 2002 as a member of our European jury and to present Down, the American remake… Continue reading Dick Maas