Guido Buzzelli

His personal work, largely translated and published in France, is a splendid and moving demonstration of how relevant «the aesthetics of ugliness» are. His stories are formally very close to Goya’s monsters and, like Leopold von Sacher- Masoch, Guido Buzzelli often plays the leading role in them.


Paradoxically, the true graphic nature of William Vance is that of a «Black and White painter» of Nature. He loves to draw scenes usually avoided by «normal» comic strip artists: storms at sea during the night, snow tempests, hurricanes, torrential rains, volcano eruptions… By the way, the monster drawn by William Vance for the poster… Continue reading Vance

David P.

David P. is a busybody who, in order to tirelessly create his paintings, sometimes dips his pen in blood red, sometimes in the darkest black. Each of his works opens the door to a parallel world or a different dimension, populated with teasing little monsters, demonic creatures, and treacherously erotic nymphs. Since he suffers from… Continue reading David P.

Didier Tarquin

Didier Tarquin might share his name with an Etruscan king, he luckily doesn’t share his fate, because King Tarquin was brutally murdered by two angry shepherds. If Tarquin would have found himself in that same situation, he would have defended himself with… a pen. Because everybody knows the pen is mightier than the sword. Even… Continue reading Didier Tarquin

François Walthéry

François Walthery is hired by Studios Peyo (the creator of the Smurfs) at the age of 17. He takes over the series ‘Jacky et Célestin’ and draws 4 albums of ‘Benoit Brisefer’. His work is clearly influenced by Mittei and Peyo. In 1970 he scores a hit with a script by Gos and Delporte: ‘Natacha’.… Continue reading François Walthéry

Enki Bilal

Enki Bilal was born in Belgrade, Yougoslavia, in 1951. He left his native city at the age of 9 and went to Paris. There he developed a passion for comic books. Meanwhile, he has not only become the author of contemporary classics like Gods in Cheops, The Town That Didn’t Exist and Outer States. Bilan… Continue reading Enki Bilal

François Schuiten

François who ? You really don’t know who François Schuiten is ; THE very very famous Belgian comic-strip artist, renowned for, among others, the Cities of the Fantastic series. After debuting in Metal Hurlant magazine, a true talent pool of contemporary comics, François Schuiten has drawn together an impressive body of work which has allowed… Continue reading François Schuiten