Val Guest

Born in 1911 this London Director stood out in the Fantastic and Science Fiction film category. He made a dozen of films before «Hammer», sometime between 1954 and 1969. With «The Quatermass Experiment» from 1955 he provided innovation to the loved theme of monsters from the universe. As a result of this event he received a great… Continue reading Val Guest

Jorge Grau

At first, the most talented director of all Spanish fantasy movies was acclaimed by critics as the spearhead of the new Catalan wave (Barcelona School of Film). His first movies, very sophisticated, deal with the lack of communication: Summer Night (1962) and A Love Story (1967). It is in the early 70s that he discovered… Continue reading Jorge Grau

Walérian Borowczyk

Born in 1923, the Polish film director Walerian Borowczyx first stood out in the genre of animated movies. After moving to France, he gave up animated movies for real, live characters in 1968. In 1974, he embarked on a new journey with “Immoral Tales”: eroticism. He directed, amongst others, “Goto, Island of Love” (1969), “Blanche”… Continue reading Walérian Borowczyk