Freddie Francis

British director, born in London in 1917, started his career in 1934 as assistant-operator, eventually fully-fletched director in 1948. During this period he worked with many well-known directors such as: Michael Powell, John Huston, Jak Cardiff, Joseph Losey en Jack Clayton (The Innocents). Alongside Jack Cardiff he received an Oscar for photography in 1960 with… Continue reading Freddie Francis

Julian Richards

His debut feature DARKLANDS won the 1997 Melies D’Argent for Best European Fantasy Film, sparking a revival in British horror films that continues to this day. In 2002 he directed the big budget conspiracy thriller SILENT CRY and used his fee from that film to fund THE LAST HORROR MOVIE, which won several awards including… Continue reading Julian Richards

Paco Cabezas

Spanish director and screenwriter Paco Cabezas got noticed for the first time with his ultra funny and violent short feature Neon Flesh, of which he came to present the long version last year at the Bifff. His first long feature is the political ghost thriller The Appeared, shot on location in Argentina and presented at… Continue reading Paco Cabezas

Antti-Jussi Annila

After a good childhood – adventuring as the son of Tarzan and getting second degree ninja education in the forests, caves and tunnels around his home – AJ graduated from high school in 1996. A year in military service was followed by four year film study in Tampere School of Art and Media (Finland). AJ… Continue reading Antti-Jussi Annila

Bernard Rose

Bernard Rose started his career by working on the last season of the Muppet Show and The Dark Crystal. But his first works as a director were video clips in the eighties, MTV’s golden age (the uncut version of Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s Relax was made by this guy). In 1988 he presented Paperhouse, his… Continue reading Bernard Rose

Anders Rønnow Klarlund

Anders Ronnow-Klarlund was born in 1971 in Fodt, Denmark. At first he worked at a radiostation, and went on to become a television producer. He made the shortfilm KLONDIKE right before directing his feature film debut THE EIGHTEENTH, a film that earned him international acclaim. He also directed four episodes of the popular danish series… Continue reading Anders Rønnow Klarlund

Jake West

British editor/writer/director who has worked extensively in film and TV industry since 1993. Made his debut feature in 1998 with Razor Blade Smile, which was followed in 2005 by the splatter fest Evil Aliens.

John Hough

This versatile filmmaker has seen it all. From horror films – The Legend of Hell House ( 1973 ) and Incubus ( 1982 ) – to Disney fantasy tales – Escape To Witch Moutain ( 1975 ) and Return from Witch Moutain ( 1978 ) – and even westerns – A Man Called Horse (… Continue reading John Hough

Alberto Sciamma

Already appreciated as a video clip maker for the British labels Mute records and Rhythm King (Nitzer Ebb, Fisher Z and Diamanda Galas), Alberto Sciamma attended our Festival in 1997 to present his debut feature, the kitschy fantasy comedy La Lengua Asesina (Killer Tongue). For its interesting special effects and the interpretation of Robert Englund,… Continue reading Alberto Sciamma

Nick Willing

Nick Willing’s long feature debut, Photo­graphing Faries (starring Ben Kingsley and Toby Stephens) not only wins the Golden Méliès 1998 for Best European Fantasy Film, but also opens the door for many other fantasy project. First on television, with Alice in Wonderland and Jason and the Argonauts, which gives him the opportunity to work with… Continue reading Nick Willing