Richard Stanley

Richard Stanley, just like his great-grandfather, is a true globe-trotter, following his anthropologist mother as a kid. Exploring the globe had a big impact on his career. When he came back from Soviet occupied Afghanistan in 1990, he started working on his first movie: Hardware, a cyberpunk dystopia that won him a silver raven at… Continue reading Richard Stanley

Julien Vrebos

In 1998, when Julien Vrebos makes his first feature film, he has already a noteworthy career behind him as a photographer, journalist and maker of TV-documentaries. In the eighties, the mysterious gang of Nivelles brutally killed some 35 people in commando-style raids on supermarkets. They were never caught. Le Bal Masqué brings this period back… Continue reading Julien Vrebos

Jack Cardiff

The career of British director of photography and director Jack Cardiff has covered the entire span of sound cinema. In 1946, Michael Powell launched his career as a cameraman with A Matter of Life and Death. It was followed by the atmospheric magic of Black Narcissus, which won him an Academy Award, and the delirious… Continue reading Jack Cardiff

Jos stelling

In 1974 Dutch director Jos Stelling (1945°) made his debut with Mariken van Nieumeghen. This adaptation of the well-known Medieval play was selected for Cannes. With his following films, Elckerlyc (1975) and Rembrandt Fecit 1669 (1977), he kept exploring European history. In the eighties, Jos Stelling directed The Pretenders, The Illusionist and The Pointsman, which… Continue reading Jos stelling

Dick Maas

Dutch director Dick Maas has been a BIFFF-regular from the start. In 1985 he was a member of our international jury. He visited us again in 1996 as the very first supervisor of our legendary film students’ workshop and in 2002 as a member of our European jury and to present Down, the American remake… Continue reading Dick Maas

James B. Harris

As the producer of The Killing (1956), Paths of Glory (1957) and Lolita (1962), James B. Harris played a fundamental part in launching the career of one of the greatest filmmakers of this century : Stanley Kubrick. But he also managed to build up a career for himself as a writer, producer and director. In… Continue reading James B. Harris

Dennis Paoli

For years, American screenwriter Dennis Paoli has been a faithful collaborator of Stuart Gordon. He wrote the screenplay for Gordon’s first films, the Lovecraft-adaptations Re-Animator and From Beyond and for the remake of Roger Corman’s classic The Pit and the Pendulum. He collaborated on Abel Ferrara’s version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers and wrote… Continue reading Dennis Paoli

Stuart Gordon

In 1985, he surprised the audiences with his first feature film Re-Animator, with which he won the Critics’ Award at the Cannes Film Festival and that soon became a cult classic. Gordon followed Re-Animator with another H.P. Lovecraft adaptation, From Beyond ( 1986 ), solidifying his notoriety in the horror genre. In 2005, Gordon was… Continue reading Stuart Gordon

Lewis Gilbert

Lewis Gil­bert began his ­career in the film world as a child actor, but he ­learned the ­tricks of the trade as ­Hitchcock’s assist­ant direc­tor. In 1944, Gil­bert ­started work­ing at the Gau­mont Brit­ish Instruc­tional Film Unit, where he made short films. He ­became known by direct­ing patri­otic war ­movies like Reach for the sky… Continue reading Lewis Gilbert