Claude Faraldo

French filmmakers who originate from the workforce are scarce, but Claude Faraldo is one of them. His first film «La Jeune Morte» with Françoise Fabian, was never displayed.Next he filmed «Bof» in which his strong struggle is expressed, just as his following work «Themroc» (1976). Subsequently he made «Tabarnac», a documentary about the rock group «Offenbach»,… Continue reading Claude Faraldo

Jean-Paul Picha

A Belgian educated in drawing, collaborated on publications in Holland, the United States and France since he was 18 («Hara Kiri»). A first collection of his drawings presented itself in 1965 and in 1969 he enters a new experiment; he realises «Vibrato», 12 cartoon films for TV. The following year his second album is finalised… Continue reading Jean-Paul Picha

Val Guest

Born in 1911 this London Director stood out in the Fantastic and Science Fiction film category. He made a dozen of films before «Hammer», sometime between 1954 and 1969. With «The Quatermass Experiment» from 1955 he provided innovation to the loved theme of monsters from the universe. As a result of this event he received a great… Continue reading Val Guest

Dick Maas

Dutch director Dick Maas has been a BIFFF-regular from the start. In 1985 he was a member of our international jury. He visited us again in 1996 as the very first supervisor of our legendary film students’ workshop and in 2002 as a member of our European jury and to present Down, the American remake… Continue reading Dick Maas