Sabrina Leurquin

We first met Belgian actress Sabrina Leurquin in 1988 when she had to deal with a talking dog in Jerome Boivin’s Baxter. She then played, alongside Hyppolite Girardot, in Maroun Bagdadi’s Hors la vie (1991). In 1992 she gave a beautiful performance in Harry Cleven’s debut feature Abracadabra. She could also be admired in The… Continue reading Sabrina Leurquin

Stephan Elliott

In 1993, this Australian writer-director made his debut with the very original Frauds, in which a surprising Phil Collins played the lead. The movie was selected for Cannes and won our Golden Raven in 1994. His second film, the sensational The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Dessert, featured Terrence Stamp in drag. Two years… Continue reading Stephan Elliott