Ingrid Pitt

The Queen of Horror herself, Ingrid Pitt (born Natacha Petrovna, Poland 1943) will delight us with her presence at the festival. Ingrid Pitt started her career on stage at The Bertold Brecht Berliner Ensemble in 1959, where she played parts such as “Katrin” in Mutter Courage. In 1962 she escaped from East Berlin by swimming… Continue reading Ingrid Pitt

Ben Verbong

Ben Verbong’s most successful film is without any doubt The Girl with Red Hair (1978), a film based upon the life of Hannie Schaft, a law student who played an active part in the resistance against the Germans during the Second World War. The film drew more than one million Dutch to the movie theatres.… Continue reading Ben Verbong

Arno Hintjens

After having already achieved some notoriety with the band Freckle Face, Arno Hintjens (Oostende, 1949) breaks through for the first time with Tjens Couter. Between 1975 and 1979, the band tours around Europe and releases 4 albums. In 1980 TC Matic is founded. This legendary Belgian rock band, which was far ahead of its time,… Continue reading Arno Hintjens

George Sluizer

In 1971, Dutch director George Sluizer shot his first feature film in Brazil : Joao and the Knife. This was followed by Twice a Woman, starring Bibi Andersson and Anthony Perkins. He received international recognition in 1988 with the award-winning feature Spoorloos, which was the Dutch Oscar entry in 1989. Three years later he directed… Continue reading George Sluizer

Nancy Allen

A ­policeman’s daugh­ter, Amer­i­can ­actress Nancy Allen (New York, 1950) was ­raised in Yon­kers, where she began danc­ing as a child. As a teen­ager, she mod­elled in Tv-com­mer­cials and was soon drawn to act­ing. She stud­ied at the High ­School for Per­form­ing Arts and made her debut in 1973 in The Last ­Detail. In 1979,… Continue reading Nancy Allen