Alexandra Guillot

Alexandra Guillot organises the promotion campaigns for the subscribers of Canal +. Since 1993 she has been working for this popular pay-channel, where she started as a job student and worked her way up to the function of marketing assistant before she became responsible for the welfare of the subscribers. Her passion for movies will… Continue reading Alexandra Guillot

Dani Klein

Before Vaya Con Dios, there was Dani Klein’s extraordinary voice, which could be heard on commercials, in bars, in a musical about the life of Jacques Brel and on albums of bands like Arbeid Adelt. But with Vaya Con Dios, she touched a nerve with music lovers all over the world. After five albums and… Continue reading Dani Klein

Yvan Lemoine

After angelic studies at the seminary, Yvan Lemoine starts small : farmer, tinker, beggar, sponger, waiter, robber, junior model, gigolo, market researcher for X-ray film companies, movie critic and movie theatre manager in Paris and Brussels. After waisting time on the benches of two Belgian film schools, the I.N.S.A.S (1984) and the I.A.D. (1985-89), he… Continue reading Yvan Lemoine

Willy Perelstejn

Willy Perelzstejn is the founder and manager of the non profit organisation Les Films de La Mémoire and of Nowhere Land Productions in Luxembourg. His firms have made documentaries such as Survivre à Shanghaï, L’espoir pour mémoire, Rhodes nostalgie, La Bande dessinée a cent ans, Chocolat, mon amour and D’Auschwitz à Jérusalem. With this, he… Continue reading Willy Perelstejn

Erik Engelen

Those of you who attended the festival from the very beginning, might still remember Erik Engelen as the man who took care of the Dutch presentation of the films during our first years. In 1982, together with people like Jan Verheyen, he made his first steps in the world of the Belgian film distributors by… Continue reading Erik Engelen